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Guaranteed High Availability Email Services

At, we understand that messaging and email services are critical to your business. Even the slightest disruption can result in considerable financial impact. Our email service infrastructure is designed to provide proven 99.99% reliability and availability, 365 days a year.'s service level agreement (SLA) guarantees 99.9% email "Uptime", which is measured on a monthly basis. "Available" is defined as the ability for a user to successfully download the email login page within 30 seconds. Planned outage times are included in the calculation for the availability service level.

From internal practices to demanding the highest standards from our technology partners, employs a broad range of policies and protections to ensure the most reliable messaging and email service in the industry.

System Redundancy in Email Services architects its service network with multiple, independent server clusters. Each cluster is dedicated to a single process and is structured to deliver a seamless failover, even in the event of a multi-server failure. Each cluster is infinitely scalable, and systems are load balanced across multiple machines to manage volume and remove single points of failure.

Security Controls

Physical and network security are critical to a highly available email service. follows or exceeds industry standards in system security policies. In addition, our systems are subject to regular network scans by external security specialists for emerging vulnerabilities.

Data Integrity's email services guarantee data integrity against failure through redundancy. Primary storage is maintained on RAID devices that are configured to allow a multiple disk failure without the compromise of data integrity.