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A Highly Available Email Infrastructure Optimizes Uptime

If you plan to offer a high-quality, highly available email service, you need to minimize all downtime, both planned and unplanned. Doing so requires an email infrastructure with redundancy and failover capabilities that protects the service from individual failures, deployed on a fault-tolerant network.

Mailbox storage must be redundant. The platform needs full backups of all email data, with offsite storage to protect from a site-wide problem, and the ability to recover data rapidly in the case of any failure.

Building such an infrastructure takes both time and expertise. By partnering with, the best email service provider, you have instant access to a highly-available email infrastructure deployed in a world-class data center with physical security and around-the-clock administration.

An Email Provider with a Proven Service Record

As an experienced email provider has a proven record of minimizing downtime, both planned and unplanned, and delivering a highly available messaging solution. Offer your customers what they expect - anytime email access.

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