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Email Outsourcing Offers Deployment, Data Migration & Email Support

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Top 10 Reasons to Outsource Email


Rapid, Successful Deployment

Email outsourcing delivers a benefit from the onset of service by accelerating the deployment phase.

If you plan to implement an email service in-house, you will need to install, configure and test a complete infrastructure to deploy the email service.

To provide high service levels, this infrastructure must include:

  • Redundant, carrier-class server infrastructure with no single point of failure and load balancing/failover capabilities
  • Redundant or highly available storage for mailboxes
  • Email software or appliances
  • Integrated and up-to-date spam and virus protection
  • Management, monitoring and administration infrastructure
  • Technical support infrastructure to handle customer calls/queries

Implementing this in-house can be expensive, time consuming, and requires specialized staff. With an email outsourcing solution like Everyone.net deployment is rapid, as the hardware, software, storage, and administrative infrastructure already exists and you are simply tapping into it.

Seamless Data Migration & Technical Email Support

Everyone.net understands that the migration to a new service can be challenging, no matter the size of the stored email data. We pride ourselves in providing our customers with support in not only the technical aspects of migration, but also in marketing, messaging and customer support. Everyone.net performs hundreds of migrations per year and works intimately with our clients to determine their specific migration needs. Our proven philosophy is to work closely with the customer for a seamless transition with no service downtime or user data compromise.

Everyone.net's migration tools offer two simple, minimally impacting methods for rapidly migrating email services to the Everyone.net platform; standard migration and bulk export migration. Both processes involve a small amount of upfront planning by Everyone.net migration engineers and the client to prepare for the appropriate migration. Everyone.net migration engineers will guide the client through all the necessary steps.

More Email Outsourcing and Migration Information

Learn more about Everyone.net's email migration process by contacting our email experts at 1.877.24 EMAIL.