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Toll-free: 1-585-295-1536

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Toll-free: 1-585-295-1536

Answers to common questions can be found in the Support section of our website.
If your service includes phone support, the phone number is found in your administrative Control Center. You may also call the dedicated number that was provided with your registration information. Lastly, admins can open a ticket using the Support form found in your Control Center.

End-users with support can find more information in their "Help" section.
To discontinue a paid service, please contact support with your account infomation. To remove your free end-user email account, simply allow your account to become inactive by not logging in for at least 30 days. At that time, the email address will no longer receive messages and the contents of the mailbox deleted.
Investigations is a third party hosted service provider to over 200,000 websites and businesses. The website/user in question may be a user of our free or paid services. However, our Privacy Policy prohibits us from disclosing personal information unless to aid in an ongoing legal case. Please contact your local, state, or federal law enforcement agencies to file a formal case. Once this is done, please fax the case information to 1-408-517-4711, Attn: Client Services. will provide the necessary information as required by the court order, subpoena, or case investigation.
To report unsolicited email or spam, please verify that the message originated from an IP address, then contact support.

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